Bromelain Plus CLA

Bromelain Plus CLA
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Bromelain Plus CLA supplies bromelain, along with the enzymes cellulase, lipase, and amylase. In addition to these, it also supplies ficin. It is effective as a digestive enzyme, and may be beneficial for inflammation.

For inflammation, infant digestive support, and for vegetarians as an alternative to Intenzyme Forte for inflammation and Hydro-Zyme for hypochlorhydria

Bromelain (2,500 MCU/g) 100 mg 
Papain 10 mg 
Inositol 10 mg 
Cellulase 10 mg 
Lipase 10 mg 
Amylase 10 mg 
Ficin 10 mg 
L-Cysteine (as L-Cysteine HCI) 5 mg

Suggestion: 3 tablets three times daily on an empty stomach or as directed; increase to 5 tablets in acute cases.

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