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Caprin supplies a source of Caprylic acid (as calcium and magnesium caprylate). Caprylic acid is a medium-chain fatty acid, which aids in balancing the intestinal flora by assisting in the maintenance of internal Candida stasis. Each capsule supplies 400 mg of caprylic acid as calcium/magnesium caprylate.

Indications: For candidiasis, and fungal/yeast overgrowth; use with FC-Cidal and A.D.P. in difficult fungal/yeast cases

Three (3) capsules supply: 
Calories 11 
Calories from Fat 11 
Total Fat 1 g
Saturated Fat 1 g

Calcium (as calcium caprylate) 100 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium caprylate) 50 mg 
Caprylic Acid (as calcium and magnesium caprylate) 1,200 mg

Suggestion: 1-3 capsules three times daily with meals or as directed.

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