Cold and Flu Relief Kit

Cold and Flu Relief Kit
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Size: 3 x 50 ml
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Cold and Flu Relief Kit  is a kit designed as your first line of treatment when a cold or flu strikes! One kit is easily enough for treatment of the whole family during cold and flu season. 

TONSILLOPAS: For sore throat, tonsillitis, fever
GRIPPS: For cough, runny nose, fever, headache
SINUPAS: For stuffiness, pressure and pain, sinus headache, and sinusitis

The easiest way to use the Whole Body Cleanse is by putting 30 drops from each bottle in 1 or 1.5L of water and sip throughout the day. In addition, we recommend drinking at least another litre of water during the day. Those who cannot sip water all day long can take 10 drops of each in a glass of water, three times per day.

Each kit will last approximately one month. During this time, to get the full benefits of detoxification, you should eat well, drink plenty of water, and make sure that you are having regular bowel movements. We recommend drinking at least 2L of water per day.

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