Cytozyme PT (Pituitary)

Cytozyme PT (Pituitary)
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Cytozyme-PT/HPT supplies glandular specific support as Lamb Pituitary/Hypothalamus Complex Concentrate, combined with SOD and catalase, important antioxidant enzymes.

Neonatal, ovine Pituitary (40 mg/tab) in a base of antioxidant rich enzymes for pituitary dysfunction, adrenal hyperfunction, thyroid hypofunction secondary to anterior pituitary hypofunction and adrenal hyperfunction, neuromuscular disorders, insomnia, inability to gain/loose weight, anorexia, gastric hyperacidity and epilepsy. Also use for women who contract headaches/migraines on or around menses or ovulation time. Also use for migraines during menopause.

Each tablet supplies:
Neonatal Ovine (Lamb) Pituitary complex 
Catalase (from vegetable culture) 30 mcg

Suggestion: 1-2 tablets TID with meals or as directed by practitioner.

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