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De-Stress supplies a patented, all natural, bio-active peptide (derived from milk), which has anxiolytic (inhibits anxiety) activity. In other words, De-Stress can be used to reduce stress and anxiety! De-Stress is clinically proven to be effective.

Indications: De-Stress is a patented, specially produced milk protein hydrolysate, which constitutes a specific peptide concentrate, having demonstrated anxiolytic activity. Anxiolytic activity refers to the action of medications prescribed for anxiety symptoms. Use De-Stress to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, adrenal hyperfunction, and stress-related disorders such as panic attack and phobias. The De-Stress casein hydrolysate was also shown to have a "protective effect" on sleep, when subjects were exposed to chronic mild stress. For Human Clinical Trials, see attached PDF below.

Ingredients: European-researched, milk hydrolysate (hydrolyzed casein concentrate) with anxiolytic peptides 150 mg

Suggestion: 1 capsule daily at bedtime for those under 110 lbs.

2-3 capsules daily with 1 at bedtime for those over 110 lbs or as directed.

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