Numbered Compounds

Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and metals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. Each remedy has its own fingerprint and is combined synergistically based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. Numbered Compounds are key in Biotherapeutic Drainage as they work on a physiological and “terrain” level, making them an excellent addition to practitioners’ prevention and treatment armamentarium.

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Unda 270

Unda 270 - Skin Disorders, Diaper Rash Unda 270 Ointment is indicated for all skin conditions such ..

Unda 273

Unda 273 - Thyroid and Throat Dysfunctions It is particularly indicated in degenerative lesion..

Unda 28

Unda 28 - Articular Rheumatism Unda 28 is indicated for rheumatism, arthritic pains and gout. Unda..

Unda 29

Unda 29 - Peri-articular Rheumatism Unda 29 - For the relief of symptoms associated with rheumatism..

Unda 295

Unda 295 - Upper Digestive Tract Insufficiency It is indicated for deficiencies of the digestive en..

Unda 3

Unda 3 - Colitis, Liver and Intestinal Disorders It is indicated for individuals with assimila..

Unda 30

Unda 30 - Insomnia, Overexertion It is indicated for conditions such as insomnia, mental agitation,..

Unda 31

Unda 31 - Digestive Ulcers, Gastritis Unda 31 is indicated for gastritis and peptic ulcers. Unda 3..

Unda 32

Unda 32 - Spasmodic Bronchial Disorders and Cough. Unda 32 is indicated for spasmodic coughs and th..

Unda 33

Unda 33 - Arterial Disorders Unda 33 - is indicated for arteriosclerosis, obliterative arteritis, p..

Unda 34

Unda 34 - Pancreatic Disorders Unda 34 is indicated for dysglycemic conditions such as diabetes. Ho..

Unda 35

Unda 35 - Asthmatic Disorders Unda 35 is indicated for asthma, tracheitis, chronic respiratory diso..