Numbered Compounds

Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and metals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. Each remedy has its own fingerprint and is combined synergistically based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. Numbered Compounds are key in Biotherapeutic Drainage as they work on a physiological and “terrain” level, making them an excellent addition to practitioners’ prevention and treatment armamentarium.

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Unda 36

Unda 36 - Hemorrhoids Unda 36 contains remedies in it which support the venous, hepatic, nervous, a..

Unda 37

Unda 37 - Inflammatory and Suppurative Conditions It is indicated for any infectious condition. Und..

Unda 38

Unda 38 - Prostate and Bladder Disorders Unda 38 also acts as a pelvic decongestant for males and f..

Unda 39

Unda 39 - Intestinal Parasitosis Unda 39 is a remedy for all parasitic conditions and is indicated ..

Unda 4

Unda 4 - Stomach Conditions This remedy is indicated for conditions such as dyspepsia, gastritis, p..

Unda 40

Unda 40 - Toxic Overload with Alopecia It is indicated for loss of hair due to acute or chronic aff..

Unda 41

Unda 41 - Muscular Paralysis It is indicated for all conditions of muscular paralysis - especially ..

Unda 42

Unda 42 - Neuralgia, Sciatica Unda 42 has an action on the peripheral nervous system. This remedy i..

Unda 43

Unda 43 - Upper Digestive Tract Disorders Unda 43 is indicated for conditions such as gastric ..

Unda 44

Unda 44 - Urinary Infections, Febrile Afflictions It is indicated in all chronic febrile conditions..

Unda 45

Unda 45 - Kidney Lithiasis and Inflammation It is indicated for secondary infections, kidney stones..

Unda 46

Unda46 - Digestive Spasms, Gastritis It is indicated for dysfunction of the stomach due to overload..