Numbered Compounds

Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and metals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. Each remedy has its own fingerprint and is combined synergistically based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. Numbered Compounds are key in Biotherapeutic Drainage as they work on a physiological and “terrain” level, making them an excellent addition to practitioners’ prevention and treatment armamentarium.

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Unda 47

Unda 47 -  Congestive and Cerebral Spasms It is indicated for conditions such as vertigo,..

Unda 48

Unda 48 - Cellular Degeneration, Female Sterility Unda 48 is indicated for threatened abortion, fem..

Unda 49

Unda 49 - Cutaneous Tumors, Warts Unda 49 is an excellent remedy for restoring and normalizing dege..

Unda 5

Unda 5 - Lung Disorders This remedy is indicated for all conditions of the respiratory tract, inclu..

Unda 50

Unda 50 - Colitis, Intestinal disorders. It is indicated for all acute and chronic conditions of th..

Unda 6

Unda 6 - Constipation, Colon This remedy is indicated for conditions such as constipation, lack of ..

Unda 7

Unda 7 - Urinary Tract and Cystitis It is a remedy indicated for conditions such as chronic cy..

Unda 74

Unda 74 - Hemorrhoids, Portal Congestion. Due to its effect on the liver, Unda 74 is indicated for ..

Unda 76

Unda 76 - Impotency due to Nervous Exhaustion Unda 76 is indicated for nervous exhaustion, the afte..

Unda 8

Unda 8 - Cardiovascular, Heart Meridian Unda 8 is indicated for conditions affecting the arterial a..