For more than 25 years Dr.Reckeweg is one of the very few in the world being active in basic research in the field of homeopathy. 
The preparations of the specialty series were designed to provide an alternative based on homeopathic therapy for treatment of as many disorders occurring in every day practice as possible. They ranged from remedies against inflammation to remedies for treatment of cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the digestive tract to treatment of rheumatic spectrum disorders – just to name a few applications.

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Bio 88

Bio 88  Ingredients Coxsackie, Diphterinum, Epstein Barr, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, In..

Bio 89

Bio 89 Ingredients Alfalfa, Lactuca sativa, Lecithinum, Oenothera biennis:  Hypophysis:&nbs..

Bio 91

Bio 91  Ingredients DNA D6, RNA D6, Amygdalus persica e cortice D3, Fucus vesiculosus D4, Z..

Bio 92

Bio 92 Ingredients Ananassa D5, Berberis vulgaris D3, Caryophyllus D4, Cinnamomum D3, Coriandr..

Bio 93

Bio 93  Ingredients Allium sativum D6, D12,  Sus scrofa (coecum) D6, D12,  Sus sc..


R1 Inflammation Drops     Ingredients Apis mellifica:  Barium chloratum: ..


R10 Menopause   Ingredients Acidum sulfuricum:  Cimicifuga:  Sanguinaria: Dosa..


R11 Rheumatism Drops Ingredients Berberis:  Calcium phosphoricum:  Causticum Hahne..


R12 Calcification Drops Ingredients Arnica:  Aurum chloratum:  Barium chloratum:&n..


R13 Piles Drops   Ingredients Acidum nitricum:  Aesculus:  Collinsonia canaden..


R14 Sleep and Nerve Drops Ingrediens Ammonium bromatum:  Avena sativa:  Chamomilla..


R16    Ingredients Cimicifuga:  Gelsemium:  Iris: Periodic  Sangu..