For more than 25 years Dr.Reckeweg is one of the very few in the world being active in basic research in the field of homeopathy. 
The preparations of the specialty series were designed to provide an alternative based on homeopathic therapy for treatment of as many disorders occurring in every day practice as possible. They ranged from remedies against inflammation to remedies for treatment of cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the digestive tract to treatment of rheumatic spectrum disorders – just to name a few applications.

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R17 Ingredients Naja tripudians:  Scrophularia nodosa:  Dosage Adults and childr..


R18 Ingredients Berberis:  Cantharis:  Equisetum hiemale:  Eupatorium purpurem:..


R 182 Ingredients Acidum nitricum D12, Arum triphyllum D4, Borax D6. Dosage Adults and childr..


R 183 Ingredients Luffa operculata X6, Histaminum hydrochloricum X8, Silicea X6. Dosage Adult..


R 184 Ingredients Ignatia D8, Kalium phosphoricum D6, Zincum metallicum D6 Dosage Adults and ..


R 185  Ingredients Arnica D6, Aurum metallicum D12, Crat aegus D4 Dosage Adults and chi..


R 187 Ingredients Belladonna D8, Colocynthis D6, Spigelia D6. Dosage Adults and children over..


R 188  Ingredients Stibium sulfuratum nigrum (Antimon crudum) X8, Acidum nitricum X4, Thuja..


R 189  Ingredients Acidum hydrofluoricum D6, Silicea D6, Thuja D4 Dosage Adults and chi..

R19 Glandular Drops for Men

R19  Ingredients Glandulae suprarenales:  Hypophysis:  Pancreas:  Testes:..


R 190 Ingredients Capsicum D6, Iris versicolor D4, Robinia pseudo acacia D6. Dosage Adults an..

R191 Tinnitus

R 191 Tinnitus Ear buzzing as a result of chronic injuries of the inner ear caused by noise; nervou..