PASCOE has been manufacturing quality homeopathic and phytotherapeutic products for over a century. There are many homeopathic products on the market, but the unique bioregulatory approach coupled with our dedication to research and development set PASCOE far above any other company.
PASCOE is dedicated to the advancement of Natural Medicine and to the production of clinically proven therapeutics. A large number of the PASCOE products have extensive observation or clinical studies done to validate their efficacy and safety. Both patients and practitioners can be confident that each product will work and work consistently.
In an effort to ensure quality standards, Health Canada has instituted new regulations for Natural Health Products. PASCOE has been exceeding quality standards for years and continually strives to ensure its products meet the highest standards. Steeped in German manufacturing tradition PASCOE takes pride in providing professionals across the world with superior products.

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Aesculus Similiaplex

Aesculus Similiaplex - Homeopathic remedy. 100g (=111 ml) contains: Aesculus hippocastanum 2X - ..


Amara-Pascoe - Homeopathic remedy. Chronic gastritis, subacidity, anacidity, roborant. INGREDIENT..

Aronia Pascoe

Aronia Pascoe - Nature's best antioxidant in easy-to-use capsules. Arona berries(or black chokeberri..

Avena Sativa Similiaplex

Avena Sativa Similiaplex - Exhaustion, sleep disorders. 100 g (107 ml) contains: Avena sativa Ø ..

Basentabs pH Balance

Basentabs pH Balance Multi-mineral formula for replenishing Alkaline Salts. Pascoe pH Balance helps ..

Basentabs pH Balance 200 Tabs

Basentabs pH Balance Multi-mineral formula for replenishing Alkaline Salts. Pascoe pH Balance helps ..

Bryonia Similiaplex

Bryonia Similiaplex - Skin Rash and Itching, Breathlessness, Dizziness. 1 g (= 37 drops) contains..

Carbo Similiaplex

Carbo Similiaplex - Homeopathic remedy - Gastro - Intestinal Conditions. 100 g (= 111 ml) contain..

Carduus Marianus Similiaplex

Carduus Marianus Similiaplex - Liver and gall bladder disorders. 100 g (= 108 ml) contains: Card..

Chamomilla Similiaplex

Chamomilla Similiaplex - Gastitis, inflammation in the GI tract, chronic pancreatitis. Stabbing pain..

China Similiaplex

China Similiaplex - Diarrhea, hepato-lienal syndrome, venous congestion with disposition to sludge a..

Cold and Flu Relief Kit

Cold and Flu Relief Kit  is a kit designed as your first line of treatment when a cold or flu s..