UNDA is a trusted name in homeopathics for over a half century
UNDA Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and metals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. Each remedy has its own fingerprint and is combined synergistically based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. UNDA Numbered Compounds are key in Biotherapeutic Drainage™ as they work on a physiological and “terrain” level, making them an excellent addition to practitioners’ prevention and treatment armamentarium.

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Unda Drosera Plex

Drosera Plex by Unda is a synergistic homeopathic preparation specifically formulated to target spas..

Unda Drosera Plex Cough Syrup

Unda Drosera Plex Cough Syrup is an excellent non-suppressive cough formulation containing synergist..

Unda Febriplex

Febriplex by Unda is a unique homeopathic preparation specifically formulated to be used during febr..

Unda Gammadyn Cu-Au-Ag

Unda Gammadyn Cu-Au-Ag - homeopathic preparation for arthritis and chronic rheumatism. Produ..

Unda Juncturinum Plex

Juncturinum Plex by Unda provides an extraordinary formulation of organotherapy remedies selected fo..

Unda Kalium Carbonicum Plex

Kalium Carbonicum Plex by Unda provides a unique preparation of synergistic homeopathic remedies for..

Unda Muco Coccinum

Unda Muco Coccinum - is a homeopathic preparation of bacterial and viral fractions, formulated to st..

Unda Paeonia Plex

Paeonia Plex by Unda provides a synergistic homeopathic preparation formulated specifically to relie..

Unda Passiflora Plex

Passiflora Plex by Unda consists of synergistic homeopathic remedies known for their ability to calm..

Unda Proctosan Cream (Paeonia)

Unda Proctosan Cream (Paeonia) - Hemorrhoids. Proctosan Cream contains a synergistic botanical fo..

Unda Pyrogenium Plex

Pyrogenium Plex by Unda contains a specific combination of synergistic homeopathic remedies known fo..

Unda Rosmarinus Cream

Unda Rosmarinus Cream - Arthritic Pain. Rosmarinus Cream provides a unique combination of essenti..