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FlavonAll - Broad-Spectrum Multi-Flavonoid Supplement. FlavonAll is a convenient dietary multi-flav..

Genestra Acn-gen

Genestra Acn-gen is a synergistic blend of Phyto-gens formulated specifically to treat acne on many ..

Genestra Al-gen

Genastra Al-gen contains synergistic plant extracts that have been selected for their ability to add..

Genestra Art-gen

Genestra Art-gen is a synergistic combination of Phyto-gens formulated to facilitate healthy circula..

Genestra Bilberry Young Shoot

Genestra Bilberry Young Shoot is a remarkable plant that grows in acidic and silicic soil. In the fa..

Genestra Black Alder Bud

Black Alder is a robust pioneering tree. It colonizes along the river's edge and protects surroundin..

Genestra Black Currant Bud

Black Currant originated in the Himalayas and the plains of Nepal. Its berries are rich in vitamin C..

Genestra Blackberry Young Shoot

Blackberry is a thorny plant that grows in uncultivatible regions of France. It is used in respirato..

Genestra Bn-gen

Bn-gen tonifies, remineralizes and consolidates the ossification processes. This remedy’s phosphocal..

Genestra Boston Ivy Young Shoot

Boston Ivy is a remarkable gripping vine from the Vitaceae family. It grows by attaching its tendril..

Genestra Calm-gen

Calm-gen has antispasmodic and neuroregulatory properties that help take the edge off’ and assist in..

Genestra Corn Root Bark

Genestra Corn Root Bark - In phytotherapy, the root bark of corn is used as the medicinal ingredient..