Why Choose Professional Health Supplements.

Professional supplement companies such as Seroyal, Metagenics, Douglas Labs , Thorne Research and others do not just package products; they are ultimately concerned with their best and most effective applications. These companies produce the most effective supplements which are based on a scientific rationale using only the purest, highest quality, natural, raw ingredients available. Professional supplement producers work closely with scientists, naturopathic practitioners and clinics to incorporate the latest research and clinical findings into all their products. All formulas are throughly researched, laboratory-verified and clinically proven.

There is a lot that goes into each product and formula which makes professional supplements far superior and most importantly far more effective.
For example: to retain the full healing properties of each component in tablets, a cold-pressed and low pressure compressing process is used. This unique method does not involve the use of heat, as is standard practice in the industry.

The capsules are preservative-free and made from a pure vegetable source whenever possible making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians. No lubricants or fillers are used during the encapsulation process whenever possible: however for those formulas that require lubricant or filler, only the purest source of lubricant used, such as cellulose or biodegradable vegetable cellulose. This allows capsules and tablets to disintegrate rapidly in the stomach for optimum results. Its a norm for these quality capsules and tablets to disintegrate in the stomach within 15 to 30 minutes from time of ingestion, well below the required 60 minute limit stipulated by United States Pharmacopoeia. 

All the vitamin-mineral complexes are formulated with protein-bonded vitamins derived from natural whole food sources, and are natural hypoallergenic pharmaceutical grade. 

Minerals are usually chelated with aspartic acid for its superior bonding effect to protein molecules, which transport the minerals directly to the blood stream, maximizing absorption and utilization.

The herbs used in formulas are standardized, fresh wildcrafted or certified organic, cultivated at their most bioactive period. The herbs are usually processed within hours of being harvested and delicately prepared to ensure the highest potency and activity. 

The botanical combinations are formulated by master herbalists who have intimate understanding of phytotherapeutics and reactions between plants and plant constituents. 

Each professional supplement company has their unique formulations which usually incorporate the principles  of physiotherapy, Biotherapeutic Drainage, and traditional Chinese medicine for effective biochemical action, detoxification, and the support of the body's systems and structures.

All homeopathic remedies are prepared with pure materials and fresh plants that are harvested during their most bioactive period. The secret of efficiency of a good homeopathic remedy lies in the carefully selected composition, in accordance with the principles of homeopathy.

The glandular extracts are obtained from free-range New Zealand livestock, freeze-dried to preserve the maximum potency and activity of all components.
And of course all complexes are hypoallergenic, formulated in an exact proportional ratio to ensure the optimum functioning of each nutrient. 

All of the formulations have no preservatives, sugar, yeast, corn, wheat, dairy, soy, starch, salt, additives or any artificial colouring or flavouring.

There is so much more that goes into each component and each formulation. Each unique formula incorporates the latest research and findings from a distinguished advisory board which includes doctors of microbal physiology, pharmacy, and botany, as well as naturopathic and medical physicians with various expertise and many years of clinical experience. 

Leading research facilities and institutions such as Columbia University, Stanford University, Tufts University, the University of California select professionally prepared health supplements for their research. These institutions know the quality products and their manufacturers. The products which can be utilized in their studies that will stand up to scientific scrutiny.

All of this helps to meet basic fundamental goal of all professional supplement companies: to provide products with the best natural ingredients supported by reputable clinical and laboratory research and a history of safe use-to help patients to achieve their best health possible.