Bladder Urinary

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Juniper Berries, 1lb

Juniper Berries are spicy, sweet, with a piney aroma. Juniper berries are actually the cones from a ..

Nephra Zyme

Nephra-Zyme supplies vitamins, minerals and botanical components with glutathione, providing support..


R18 Ingredients Berberis:  Cantharis:  Equisetum hiemale:  Eupatorium purpurem:..


R74  Ingredients Calcium phosphoricum:  Pulsatilla:  Ferrum phosphoricum: ..

Sassafras Bark, 1lb

Sassafras is a plant. The root bark is used to make medicine. Botanical name:  Sassafras off..

Small Willow Flower, 1lb

Small Willow Flower Herb is a herbaceous, perennial plant, reaching about 1 meter in height.  ..

Unda 1

Unda1 - Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Detox This remedy is indicated for obstruction of th..

Unda 23

Unda 23 - Lithiasis, Urinary Disorders Unda 23  is indicated for incontinence of urine, kidney..

Unda 240

Unda 240 - Decalcification, Bladder and Kidney. It is indicated for all skeletal pathologies i..

Unda 38

Unda 38 - Prostate and Bladder Disorders Unda 38 also acts as a pelvic decongestant for males and f..

Unda 44

Unda 44 - Urinary Infections, Febrile Afflictions It is indicated in all chronic febrile conditions..

Unda 45

Unda 45 - Kidney Lithiasis and Inflammation It is indicated for secondary infections, kidney stones..