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Allergiplex is indicated for all allergies caused by all airborne (inhalant) allergens, allergic rhi..

Allium Cepa Plex

Allium Cepa Plex by Unda provides a combinations of synergistic homeopathic remedies formulated to s..


Angiplex contains synergistic homeopathic ingredients, specifically formulated to alleviate the symp..

BC-2 Asthma, Allergies, Intolerance

BC-2 Asthma, Allergies, Intolerance Asthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airways..

Bio 83 Food Allergy Drops

Bio 83 Food Allergy Drops Ingredients Coffea, Faex medicinalis, Lac,Saccharum, Solanum Iycopersi..

Bio 84 Inhalent Allergy Drops

Bio 84 Inhalent Allergy Drops Inhalent allergy. Indicated for the signs ans symptons of allergies s..

Bio-C-Plus 1000 (Vitamin C)

Bio-C Plus 1000 supplies Vitamin C (as calcium and magnesium ascorbates), along with calcium and mag..

Genestra Biotone EFA

Biotone EFA is a unique combination of fatty acids, phytosterols and policosanol presented in softge..

Genestra Bromelain Papain Digestive Enzymes

Bromelain Papain+ combines proteolytic enzymes along with pancreatic enzymes for optimum digestive a..

Genestra C 1000 (Vitamin C)

C1000 provides vitamin C and a wide range of bioflavonoids to help in the development and maintenanc..

Genestra Car-gen

Car-gen rebuilds and strengthens cartilaginous tissues and is a potent protector of the articulation..

Genestra Cod Liver Oil DHA/EPA Forte

Genestra Cod Liver Oil DHA/EPA Forte Capsules provides a pure cod liver oil with naturally enriched ..