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 A.D.D. - Attention Deficit Disorder: Lack of attention Improves concentration Stimulates me..

Berry EFA Plus by Genestra (Omega3)

Genestra Berry EFA Plus - Pharmaceutical grade fish oil combined with anthocyanidins‚ or potent anti..

Genestra Children's Chewable Vitamins

Children’s Chewable Vitamins provides a great-tasting orange and papaya-flavoured combination of v..

Genestra HMF Baby B Probiotic

Genestra HMF Baby B - Probiotic Supplement for Children Aged 1-4 Product overview •   ..

Genestra HMF Baby F Probiotic

Genestra HMF Baby F - Probiotic Supplement for Children Aged 1-4. Product overview •  ..

Genestra HMF Child (Probiotic)

HMF Child probiotic formula is a moderate-level probiotic combination providing Lactobacillus acidop..

Genestra HMF Powder Probiotic

Genestra HMF Powder Probiotic - is a moderate-level maintenance probiotic formula which provides two..

Genestra Pediatri Vite

Pediatri Vite provides a natural cherry-flavoured, full-spectrum liquid vitamin and mineral combinat..

Genestra Super EFA Capsules (Omega 3)

Super EFA Capsules contains sardine and anchovy oils in a EPA:DHA ratio of 1.4:1 that supports cardi..

Genestra Super EFA Liquid (Omega 3)

Super EFA Liquid is a unique blend of fish oils from sardine and anchovy to specifically assist supp..


R37  INGREDIENTS Alumina:  Bryonia: Colocynthis:  Lachesis:  Lycopodium:..

Ultracare for Kids

Ultracare for Kids - High Quality Nutritional Support for Children with food allergies. Ultracare f..