Kidney Renal

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Argizyme is designed to provide specific support for normal kidney and bladder function. It is a uni..

Bio Ae Mulsion ( Vitamin A)

Bio-Ae-Mulsion is a source of Vitamin A in an emulsified form, to assist with uptake and assimilatio..


Bio-CMP is a special electrolyte mineral blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium. Indications: ..

Genestra TKI

TKI provides a combination of vitamins, herbs and kidney tissue. TKI helps to maintain eyesight, ski..

Horsetail Herb, 1lb

Horsetail is also known as scouring rush, shavegrass, bottlebrush or pewter wort. Botanical name:..

Hydrangea Root, 1lb

Hydrangea is a flowering shrub native to the United States and Asia. The root is traditionally used ..

Juniper Berries, 1lb

Juniper Berries are spicy, sweet, with a piney aroma. Juniper berries are actually the cones from a ..

Juniperus Similiaplex

Juniperus Similiaplex - Kidney drainage and support for detoxification. 100g (= 107ml) contains: ..

Knotgrass, 1lb

Knotgrass is an annual plant, growing up to 2 meters in height. It has a woody, branched root and mu..

Nephra Zyme

Nephra-Zyme supplies vitamins, minerals and botanical components with glutathione, providing support..

Potassium HP

Potassium-HP is a high potency potassium supplement with magnesium. Each teaspoon serving supplies 1..


R18 Ingredients Berberis:  Cantharis:  Equisetum hiemale:  Eupatorium purpurem:..