Nervous system

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R70 Ingredients Cedron:  Colocynthis:  Kalmia:  Verbascum: Dosage Adul..

Sage, 1lb

Sage is a small, perennial, evergreen shrub. It has a strong taproot and woody, wiry stems. Its leav..

Thiamin 50

Thiamin-50 is a high potency thiamin supplement. Consider it when significant thiamin need is indica..

Unda 1001

Unda 1001 - Nervous Exhaustion and Insomnia Unda 1001 has an action on the nervous and the end..

Unda 210

Unda 210 by Seroyal - Anxiety and Hyperexcitability. This remedy is indicated for hyperex..

Unda 212

Unda 212 by Seroyal - Nervous Stimulant after Exhaustion It is indicated for asthenia caused b..

Unda 22

Unda 22 - Nervousness and Hyperactivity. Unda 22 is indicated for conditions such as neur..

Unda 228

Unda 228 - Nervous Disorders due to Stress It is indicated for nervous disorders following shock or..

Unda 42

Unda 42 - Neuralgia, Sciatica Unda 42 has an action on the peripheral nervous system. This remedy i..

Unda 47

Unda 47 -  Congestive and Cerebral Spasms It is indicated for conditions such as vertigo,..

Unda 76

Unda 76 - Impotency due to Nervous Exhaustion Unda 76 is indicated for nervous exhaustion, the afte..

Unda 9

Unda 9 - Nervous System Undfa 9 is indicated for psychic debility, nervous exhaustion, prolonged me..