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Allergiplex is indicated for all allergies caused by all airborne (inhalant) allergens, allergic rhi..

Allium Cepa Plex

Allium Cepa Plex by Unda provides a combinations of synergistic homeopathic remedies formulated to s..


Angiplex contains synergistic homeopathic ingredients, specifically formulated to alleviate the symp..

Anti Wart Drops

Anti-wart Drops is indicated for warts and for pruritis associated with kidney and liver disease, dr..

Arnica Cream Unda

Arnica Cream - Sports injuries, Muscle and Joint Complaints, Bunions and Closed Skin Wounds. Arni..

Biotherapeutic Drainage Immune Support

Biotherapeutic Drainage Immune Support - Synergistic formulas traditionally used to support key emun..

Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver and Kidney Kit

Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver and Kidney Kit - Homeopathic Detoxification Kit. Traditionally used to..

Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress and Insomnia Support

Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support - Synergistic formulas traditionally used to s..

Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream - Antiseptic, Wound healing - contains Calendula officinalis witch is known for its ..

Calendula Nasal Drops

Calendula Nasal Drops - act directly on the nasal mucous membranes to relieve nasal congestion. For ..

Carduus Plex

Carduus Plex contains synergistic homeopathics specifically selected for their ability to protect an..

Cheliderm Cream

Cheliderm Cream - Anti-wart - contains two synergistic botanicals, Thuja occidentalis and Calendula ..