UNDA Cicatrisane Cream

UNDA Cicatrisane Cream
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Cicatrisane Cream is a synergistic botanical preparation specifically formulated to help soothe and heal skin irritations and conditions. Phytolacca decandra promotes wound healing through its anti-inflammatory properties. With the addition of botanicals that have antimicrobial actions, Cicatrisane Cream soothes conditions such as scabies and tinea infections. It's also indicated for cuts, minor burns mastitis and for healing ulcers.

Phytolacca decandra (Pokeweed) 1 g‚ 
Balsamum peruvianum (Balsam of Peru) 1 g‚ 
Bryonia dioïca (Wild Hops) 1 g‚ 
Calendula officinalis (Calendula) 1 g‚ 
Dulcamara (Woody Nightshade) 1 g‚ 
Acidum boricum (Boric Acid) ‚ 
In a Base of Vaselinum‚ Parafinum‚ Liquidum 

Apply a small amount to cover affected area two to three times daily.

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